Finding Your Natural Voice


How we uncover your Natural Voice

Lessons are centered around a process that is responsive to your individual needs.  It’s an open dialogue as the discovery of your natural voice unfolds—because many questions always arise during this process—in fact often the questions themselves are an integral part of the process.  For some, it will be a new way to think of singing, perhaps unwinding years of “training” that have left your voice damaged, or just an imitation of other singers.  If you are a beginner, you now have the opportunity to get started singing the right way, in a way that allows your natural voice to take shape...

As we explore your voice, we focus on every area of your body—and mind—that impact the creation of your natural voice:
  -- Breathing
  -- Posture and Alignment
  -- How you form vowels, consonants, syllables, words... looking at singing as melodic speech
  -- Body, face, jaw, neck and tongue tension; and how they impact sound (because they really do!)
  -- The universal fears that singers have regarding creating and sustaining sound both in practice and in performance

You will hear—perhaps for the very first time—what it sounds like when you are singing with freedom, with your natural voice.

It's all about YOUR voice and what you do with it.  Together, we can uncover your honest, authentic sound without manipulation.  The pure sound and possibilities of the human voice and the wonder of it are yours to discover.  It’s so much more than just a “voice lesson”. 

Are voice lessons right for me?

Everyone has a right to discover their voice, to pursue the endless possibilities of singing.  If you want to know if voice lessons are right for you, begin by asking yourself what your goals are.  Are you pursuing a career in voice, musical theatre, singing with a band, performing or recording your own songs, singing at religious services...?  Or do you just want to explore what it feels like to sing freely, whenever and wherever you feel like it?  To sound the way you want to, and experience the freedom of singing just to sing.

Then come in for a visit and have a sample lesson with me.  Let’s explore what you want and how we can uncover your natural voice.

It’s very natural for almost all students to be nervous and self-conscious when they first start, until they discover the beautiful voice within themselves.  It can be an amazing process, one of self-discovery as well as voice-discovery.  I provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore and develop your natural voice at your own pace.

What kind of singing styles do you teach?

Regardless of whether you wish to sing opera, musical theatre, pop music, or just be better at karaoke night, the mechanics of singing are essentially the same.  Our lessons are not focused around a specific genre of music, it’s about you developing your style, your natural voice, whatever that may be, to use as you wish. 

Where are lessons offered?

My studio is located in Cleveland Ohio, in the heart of the Little Italy neighborhood, adjacent to Case Western Reserve University. 

How long and how often are the lessons?

Lesson times can be planned around your needs.  Most students opt for a 45 minute session weekly. How often is up to you.  Some students take lessons every other week, some twice a week 

What if I want to boost my confidence for speaking?

Excellent question.  Over the years I have worked with many teachers, clergy, lawyers and public speakers to help them develop their confidence through an understanding how their voice works.  We work on the production of sound without manipulation—and focus on breathing in particular, since it is the fuel that enables the voice to function. And understanding how your breathing interacts with your sound will only bring more resonance, placement, projection and power to your voice.